Latest news on Peter Murphy


Western Springs Speedway would like to wish Peter Murphy all the very best and a speedy recovery....


"Thank you to Lindsay Cross for this update on Peter Murphy:


On behalf of Peter Murphy Racing, Peter Murphy, and Stephanie Murphy I wanted to provide some information regarding Peter.

On Saturday night Peter was in a sprint car accident in Antioch, Ca and was airlifted to a local hospital. Upon arriving he was talking and seeming to do well. At that point it was determined he had... a concussion. However they did admit him to the ICU, for monitoring. As the night went on his body began to show the effects of his crash and it became apparent that it was more severe than a concussion.

For most of the night he was sleeping, which is best for his recovery. The doctors have determined he had a traumatic brain injury, a compressed vertebrae, as well as severe stretching and swelling to the tendons in his neck. Resting is crucial for the next few days.

Peter's family is very appreciative of the out pouring of prayers and well wishes...they are also a bit overwhelmed by everything. Please be mindful that the best thing for Peter at this time is rest. He is not allowed access to the tv, phones, or even lights in the room.

I will do my best to update as new information is made available. Thank you for your patience.
Thank you again for your continued prayers as Peter continues to recover."