Sprint Cars

Sprintcar racing is seen by many as the pinnacle of speedway racing.

The speed shown by these 800horsepower winged warriors is amazing, averaging around just 12.5 seconds a lap, which makes them a crowd favorite, particularly when the American's and come to town for the International Classic and The International Series.

When 20+ of these power packed machines take the track for the National Championships it will be a sight you will have to see to believe. Don't Miss Out !


Wheel Base:
Minimum - 2134mm
Maximum - 2438mm

Track Width:
Front Maximum - 1270mm
Rear Maximum - 1600mm

Overall Length:

Minimum - 580 Kgs
Maximum - 800 Kgs

Engine Capacity:
Maximum - 410 Cubic Inch / 6770cc
No more than 2 valves per cylinder.

Current National Rankings:

1 Lap Track Record:
11.772secs (Ricky Logan - 17/2/07)

20 Lap Track Record:
4.29.6 (Alan Wakeling - 4/11/99)12 Lap Track Record:

25 Lap Track Record:
5.52.6 (Kerry Jones - 27/01/01)


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