Midget cars have been the star attraction at Springs Speedway for many years and it doesn't look like that is about to change any time soon.

Their popularity isn't price related however, these cars don't come cheap with the majority of the top ranking cars today having price tags well in excess of the $100,000 mark.

Unlike other forms of motorsport midgets have just one gear and with the average lap being around the 14 second mark, there is not a lot of time for gear changes anyway.


Wheel Base:
Minimum - 1676mm
Maximum - 1930mm

Track Width:
Front Maximum - 1320mm
Rear Maximum - 1340mm

Overall Length:
Max. 3251mm Including Bumpers

Minimum - 410 Kgs
Maximum - 530 Kgs

Engine Capacity:
Maximum - 200 Cubic Inch / 3278cc (see SNZ rules for detail)
No two stroke or rear engine cars are permitted.

Current National Rankings:

1 Lap Track Record:
13.400 (Bryan Clauson- 5/1/12)

10 Lap Track Record:
2.14.875 (Jimi Quin - 20/1/07)

12 Lap Track Record:
2.52.428 (Shane Alach - 1/11/08)

25 Lap Track Record:
6.10.205 (Shane Alach) 16/1/10


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Midgets Video

Nik Brown presents a 2010/2011 preview of the Midgets at Western Springs Speedway.

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