F2 Midget

These are a class of racing introduced to Western Springs to enable the budget racer and new midget drivers to compete without breaking the bank.

They have specifications the same as A grade open midgets except the motors are restricted to 2 litre 4 cylinder production car engines.

This class is proving popular and continues to grow at the Springs. Close racing ensues as the cars are all relatively similar to each other in specification so driver skill and experience make the difference to racing performance and final positions.

Basic specifications:

Wheel Base:
Minimum - 1676mm
Maximum - 1930mm

Track Width:
Front Maximum - 1320mm
Rear Maximum - 1340mm

Overall Length:

Minimum - 409 Kgs

Engine Capacity:
Production 2 litre in line 4 cylinder motor

Racing Methanol


F2 Midget Rules

Final Version Thursday 1st September 2011

A 'Formula 2' Midget must conform to the rules and regulations governing midgets in the Speedway New Zealand rule book.

Including the technical rules and regulations, 'midget car' specifications (section T10-1) and 'open wheel' racing rules.

F2 Engine Rules

1. Front engines only

2. In-line 4 cylinder, automotive OEM based engine

3. Maximum 2050cc engine capacity

4. Maximum of four valves per cylinder

5. No two stroke, rotary, supercharged or turbocharged engines

6. All variable valve timing (vvt) or V-tec must be locked in one position

7. Maximum of 45 deg engine layover, measured through the centre line of the cylinder bores

8. Engine off set maximum of 25mm, measured centre line of chassis to crank centre

9. Mechanical fuel injection only

10. Restrictors:

One 'restrictor' per cylinder

Restrictor must be 32mm internal diameter for a minimum distance of 40mm. Restrictor to have a 10mm radius on both ends

The restrictor to be positioned in air intake assembly no more than 75mm from the throttle butterfly to centre line of the restrictor


The current restrictor system being a 32mm internal diameter by 40mm long restrictor with a 10mm radius on both ends inserted as part of the inlet manifold assembly

Note: From October 2011 any new restrictors must be purchased from BSL racing

Other Rules

11. No carbon fibre to be used on any part of the car

12. No titanium to be used on any part of the car

13. No adjustable or gas shocks of any style to be used



The rational for adding rules 11, 12, 13 is to control the running costs of this class.

The adaption of the restrictor rule (rule 10) is to allow car owners the opportunity of removing the air intake restrictor easily when wishing to race at any event or venue outside of the Western Springs F2 class.


It is envisaged that F2 vehicles will be checked regularly to ensure they are compliant to F2 rules. These checks to be carried out by any two of four nominated persons being Tim Clark, Geoff Harper, Calvin Worthington and Les Nixon.

Engine Capacity

It is the responsibility of every competitor to ensure that their engine has been built within the maximum 2050cc engine capacity measurement. The competitor operating any vehicle found to be in breach of this regulation will be considered liable for any possible penalty.


Any competitor caught with an illegal F2 midget competing at a Western Springs speedway event will be disqualified from all placings and prize money for that meeting and have all seasons points for that car and driver removed to a zero balance.

Any breaches of the general midget car specifications (section T10-1) will be dealt with through normal SNZ procedures.

Aim of the F2 Midget

To provide an opportunity into open wheel midget car racing at an affordable level.

It is the intention of this class to encourage competitors to develop their driving skills in an even field of cars.

The major focus of the F2 midget class is to see competitors achieving their results based on driving skills not by gaining any significant advantage through operating superior equipment.

Spirit of the F2 Midget Division

Springs Promotions reserve the right when reviewing any recommendation for alteration to these rules to consider firstly that the recommendation for change is in keeping with the spirit of the F2 midget division.

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