Simon Wi


2103/2014 Driver Profile

Name: Simon Wi

Racing Class: Midget

Main Sponsor: Owens

Other Sponsors (max 3): Allan Wakling Panel Beaters, Midwest Engineering, Vertex Oils


Facebook fanpage:

Car number: 14A

Chassis Brand:  Aggressor

Engine: Gaerte

How many seasons have you been competing? This is my 4th season this time around

Classes Previously Raced? Solo Bikes, Sidecars, T.Q's and Midgets

Feature Wins: 1 x Midget & 1 x TQ

What championships have you won?

Most memorable moment at the Springs? Watching the 3rd generation Wi drive Shane Turns TQ as a pace car for Shanes Memorial

Driver most admired? Barry Butterworth

What/Who inspires you? My Family and Friends

How did you get into this type of racing? My Dad the late George Wi

If you could invite 3 people (dead/or alive) for dinner who would it be?  Barry Butterworth, Trevor Morris and George Wi