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2014/2015 Driver Profile

Name: Shannon Taylor

Racing Class: Midget

Main Sponsor: Pepsi Max

Other Sponsors (max 3): 82 degrees Hydraulic Hoses


Facebook fanpage:

Car number: 78A

Chassis Brand: Breka

Engine: Ed Pink Ford

How many seasons have you been competing? This will be my fourth

Classes Previously Raced? nil

Feature Wins: Still trying!

What championships have you won? Still trying!

Most memorable moment at the Springs? My big crash at the end of the 2012/2013 season - I think I set the height record!

Driver most admired? Ayrton Senna

What/Who inspires you? Ordinary people who do extraordinary things and, my family and friends

How did you get into this type of racing? Bryce Townsend's Open Wheel Driving School

What do you look forward to this season racing at the Springs? My best season yet!

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