Ricky McGough



2014/2015 Driver Profile Form

Name:  Ricky McGough

Racing Class:  Midget

Main Sponsor:  Franklin Properties Limited

Other Sponsors (max 3):  D.T.S.L.   Ararimu Electrical

Website:  www.rmracing.co.nz

Facebook fanpage:  Ricky McGough Racing

Car number:  13A

Chassis Brand: Breka

Engine:  Honda

How many seasons have you been competing?  4

Classes Previously Raced?  F2 Midgets, Other various forms of motorsport

Feature Wins:  nil at the Springs, this is the season!

What championships have you won?  Championships in other forms of motorsport

Most memorable moment at the Springs?  Leading the Barry Butterworth until the brakes and steering gave out

Driver most admired?  Shayne Alach

What/Who inspires you?  My father, Stuart McGough

How did you get into this type of racing?  Stepping up from other forms of motorsports

What do you look forward to this season racing at the Springs?  The close competition.


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