Ricky McGough



2013/2014 Driver Profile Form

Name:  Ricky McGough

Racing Class:  Midgets

Main Sponsor:  Franklin Properties Limited

Other Sponsors (max 3):  D.T.S.L.    Trade Services Limited

Website:  www.rmracing.co.nz

Facebook fanpage:  Ricky McGough Racing

Car number:  41A

Chassis Brand:  CSR

Engine:  Honda

How many seasons have you been competing?  3

Classes Previously Raced?  F2 Midgets, Other various forms of motorsport

Feature Wins:  4

What championships have you won?  Championships in other forms of motorsport

Most memorable moment at the Springs?  Racing at the Springs for the first time in the F2 Midget class and winning the race.

Driver most admired?  Kyle Larson

What/Who inspires you?  My father, Stuart McGough

How did you get into this type of racing?  I was looking at advancing my racing career, and needed to step up into a more professional racing series.  To do this I sold all of my previous race gear and race cars and bought an F2 Midget, and the next year upgraded the engine to start competing in the A-Grade class.

If you could invite 3 people (dead/or alive) for dinner who would it be?   Aryton Senna, Sebastian Loeb, Mario Andretti

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