Raymond Griffen

2013/2014 Driver Profile Form


Name: Raymond Griffen

Racing Class: Sprintcar

Car Number: 11A

Main Sponsors: Ultima Shock Absorbers, SAS Group, Sonic Automotive

Car Make: J&J

Engine: 410 Rayray gaerte chev special

Classes Previously Raced: Nil

Feature Wins: 1

Championship wins:  Still waiting

Best Moment at Western Springs:  My first heat race, dreams come true to race at Western Springs

Facebook Fanpage: Sonic Motorsport

Website: www.sonicmotorsport.co.nz

Driver most admired: Graham Standring

All time best International Driver: Sammy Swindell

How did you get into this type of racing:  Starting crewing at age 11, going to speedway when i was only 6 months old

Who inspires you: My family and friends

If you could invite 3 people dead or alive to dinner who would it be?  Judith Griffen, Norm Sutton, Lindsay McKillop

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