Jeremy Halpin


2012/2013 Driver Profile Form


Name: Jeremy Halpin

Racing Class: Sprincar                             

Car Number: 29A

Main Sponsor: Blackmore Virtue and Owens Chartered Accountants

Other sponsors: Crystal Motors, Diffspecs, Allpro Construction, Taylor Automotive

Engine: Kitstler 410       

Helmet Brand: BELL

Oil Brand: Valvoline

Year you started Speedway:            2006            

Classes Previously Raced: Nil

Best Moment as Western Springs:  Wining my only Springs feature event in 2010

Worst Moment at Western Springs:  First season flipped hard down main straightway

2012/2013 Season Goals:  Racing will be limited this season as have new family and work commitments but it is always to have fun, race hard and make the NZ title A main and inside the top ten.

Other Hobbies:  Fishing, Mountain Biking

Favourite Road Car:  Holden VK SS

Driver most admired (any motorsport):  Bruce MacLaren

All time best NZ Speedway driver:  Ted Traceu

all time best Internation Driver:  Doug Wolfgang

Who inspires you:  My Dad, Family and my mates