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2014/2015 Driver Profile

Name:  Jamie Larsen

Racing Class:  Sprintcar

Main Sponsor:   Kapiti Cars

Other Sponsors (max 3):  Macbilt Engineering, Steinbring Cartage, Levin Powdercoating, Fast Times Racing and Edge Parts & Performance

Website:  www.jamielarsen.co.nz

Facebook fanpage:  Jamie Larsen Motorsports

Car number:  82a

Chassis Brand:  Triple X

Engine:   Chevy 410ci

How many seasons have you been competing? 9 seasons in Speedway

Classes Previously Raced?  Ministock and current 2NZ Minisprint

Feature Wins:    1

What championships have you won?  NZ Minisprint Champion 2013, NZ Minisprint Grand Prix 2012, 2013 and Runner Up NZ Minisprint Champion 2014, Auckland Sprintcar Champion 2013

Most memorable moment at the Springs?   1st Auckland Champs 2013, 5th NZ Sprintcar Champs 2013 and 2nd National Points Series 2014

Driver most admired?  Donny Schatz

What/Who inspires you?  Travis Pastrana

How did you get into this type of racing?  Old man used to race a Saloon

What do you look forward to this season racing at the Springs?  Trying to get more podium finishes

jamie Larsen

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