Daryl Webster




2012/2013 Driver Profile Form 

Name: Daryl Webster

Racing Class:  TQ Midget                                                      

Car Number: 7A

Main Sponsor: CSR Fabrications

Other sponsors:  Castrol NZ, Pickerell Auto Electrical, MR Motorcycles, Lane Engineering

Car Make: CSR

Engine: 2005 Suzuki GSXR 750

Oil:  Castrol

Helmet Brand:  Bell GTX Pro

Year you started Speedway:  2009             

Classes Previously Raced:  Karting, Rallying

Feature Wins: Nil                                                      

Race Wins: 1

Best Moment at Western Springs:  2nd Shane Turner Memorial 11/12 Season

Worst Moment at Western Springs:  Flipping and landing on the pole line

2012/2013 Season Goals: Finish every race!

Facebook Fanpage: www.facebook.com/msbmotorsport                                                           

Website:  www.msbmotorsport.com

Other Hobbies:  Motorsport, soccer, golf, beaches

Favourite Road Car: Valiant RT Charger

Driver most admired (any motorsport):  Levi Jones

All time best NZ Speedway driver:  Barry Butterworth

All time best International Driver:  Dave Darland

Who inspires you: Everybody that gets our there and competes