Daniel Eggleton


Name: Daniel Eggleton

Racing Class: Sprintcar

Main Sponsor: Vernon & Vazey and ENZED Total Hose & Fitting Service

Other Sponsors (max 3): Elf Lubricants, Tracksport Engines, LG Panel & Paint. Also if possible please add: Autolink and Gibbs Signs.

Website: www.danieleggleton.co.nz

Facebook fanpage: www.facebook.com/deggleton78/

Car number: 3NZ (78a)

Chassis Brand: Maxim

Engine: #410cui V8, built by Tracksport Engines

How many seasons have you been competing? 6

Classes Previously Raced? Three Quarter Midget (TQ)

Feature Wins: 2

What championships have you won? 1st North Island Sprintcar Championships '12/'13 Season, New Zealand 125cc Gearbox Kart Champion 2007

Most memorable moment at the Springs? 3rd at the NZ Sprintcar Championships '12/'13 Season

Driver most admired? Possum Bourne (Rally)

What/Who inspires you? Dad

How did you get into this type of racing? Through Dad who use to rally, co-drive with Possum Bourne and ran a Midget for many years at Western Springs and as a kid use to always go along to watch

If you could invite 3 people (dead/or alive) for dinner who would it be? Milla Kunis, Rachel Bilson & Russell Brand

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