Brad Curtin



2104/2015 Driver Profile

Name:  Brad Curtin

Racing Class:   F2 Midget

Main Sponsor:  Astech Electrical

Other Sponsors (max 3):  SPI Engineering , Autostop New Lynn, S & G Abrasives


Facebook fanpage:

Car number:  51 A

Chassis Brand: Stealth

Engine:  Toyota 3SGE built by SPI Engineering

How many seasons have you been competing?  7

Classes Previously Raced?  Tq Midget

Feature Wins: 0

What championships have you won? 0

Most memorable moment at the Springs?  3rd in Heritage Shield (Tq Midget)

Driver most admired?  Barry Butterworth

What/Who inspires you? Anyone doing what they can to go racing

How did you get into this type of racing?  Started off crewing in 1999

What do you look forward to this season racing at the Springs?  Close wheel to wheel racing