Arron Parkes




Name: Arron Parkes

Racing Class:   F2 Midget                                                     

Car Number: 69A

Main Sponsor: To be advised.

Other sponsors: To be advised.

Car Make: Harris

Engine: Toyota                                                                      

Helmet Brand: Bell

Oil Brand: ELF

Year you started Speedway: 2011                           

Classes Previously Raced: 0

Feature Wins: 0                                                          Race Wins: 0

Best Moment at Western Springs: 2nd at the Auckland Champs.

Worst Moment at Western Springs: Upside down in town bend.

2012/2013 Season Goals: Win all F2 titles.

Facebook Fanpage:    Madness Racing                                            

Other Hobbies: Fishing & Hunting

Favourite Road Car: Holden

Driver most admired (any motorsport): Michael Pickens

All time best NZ Speedway driver: Barry Butterworth

All time best International Driver: Sammy Swindall

Who inspires you: My family

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