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Quarter Midget

Kiwi Kidz

Quarter Midgets are the earliest entry to Speedway racing. A competitor (girl or boy) can start once they are the ripe old age of 8 years and race unto their 16th birthday.
You may think these kids don't have the skills to put on a show at the Springs, but that couldn't be further from the truth when they are lapping at just over 4 seconds slower than the Midget section.

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F2 Midgets

These are a class of racing introduced to Western Springs to enable the budget racer and new midget drivers to compete without breaking the bank. They have specifications the same as A grade open midgets except the motors are restricted to 2 litre 4 cylinder production car engines. F2 midgets are regarded as an A grade midget but have a maximum 195 horsepower and must be fitted with a standard ignition system. This class is proving popular and continues to grow at the Springs. Close racing ensues as the cars are all relatively similar to each other in specification so driver skill and experience make the difference to racing performance and final positions....

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TQ Midget

Like Midgets, Three Quarter Midgets also have quite a history at Springs Speedway and provide some of the closest wheel to wheel action you'll see anywhere.
The TQ Midget ranks are also used as a stepping stone to the higher horsepower classes such as midgets and sprintcars.
Many of our top Midget drivers have progressed from the TQ ranks including past NZ Midget Champions Graham Standring and Kevin Hyde.

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Midget cars have been the star attraction at Springs Speedway for many years and it doesn't look like that is about to change any time soon.
Their popularity isn't price related however, these cars don't come cheap with the majority of the top ranking cars today having price tags well in excess of the $100,000 mark.
Unlike other forms of motorsport midgets have just one gear and with the average lap being around the 14 second mark, there is not a lot of time for gear changes anyway.

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Sprint Cars

Sprintcar racing is seen by many as the pinnacle of speedway racing.
The speed shown by these 800horsepower winged warriors is amazing, averaging around just 12.5 seconds a lap, which makes them a crowd favorite, particularly when the American's and come to town for the International Classic and The International Series.
When 20+ of these power packed machines take the track for the National Championships it will be a sight you will have to see to believe. Don't Miss Out !

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